I Hate My Job


  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2009-03-10
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:47

Music Video


  • That's rap

    By Dro04
    About time someone puts something that's more like rap. Sick and tired of bragging about b******t. Cam is back and doing it like how rap is suppost to be done !!!
  • The song is a 4 1/2 the video is a 2

    By bewitness
    I'm glad to see that cam was able to bounce back after that whole 50cent beef thing and the beef thats currently happening with dipset. The song is hot but the video is pure wack, it looks like it was filmed using a camera phone and for a song called "I hate my job" it might have been better if cam did alittle more acting, portraying himself as a regular guy on the grind trying to get and maintain a job rather than taking big willy shots of himself sitting down with a huge rock in his ear.
  • Good song

    By HenryW911
    Okay people need to review this VIDEO honestley. The song is dope as hell. One of his best songs in a minute now, but the video is garbatge. It looks like they just took a regular video camera and filmed it themselves. Dont get me wrong, this is a great song but a totally wack video
  • Cam's Back

    By Twauny T
    Whoever says Cam is a joke, has terrible tast of music. This video is exclusive. He's da truth. Ohio loves Cam, and our best goes out to your mother

    By ballerrrrrrrrrrrrr
    this is a joke
  • I Hate My Job Too!!!

    By damusikman
    Yo!! This is a real song about what people are really going thur right now!!! Nobody is poppin champaign and ballin'. People are strugglin' and 5 minutes from going postal at there jobs and in there lives!! I love this song!!! It is so real that people will dismiss it because it is not the same trendy bs on the radio and video shows!! KEEP REAL KILLA CAM!!!
  • Sickness

    By DeeBoi
    I dont hate my job right now, but I know how it feel. Good lookin killa. People needa put real Sh#t into music again. I aint in the club 24/7. This song is real chop
  • He Would

    By Lateb 112358
    He Would make a horrible song like this and the video killed it before it was born

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