Thinking 'Bout You

Yusuf & Cat Stevens

  • Genre: Singer/Songwriter
  • Release Date: 2009-04-27
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:39

Music Video


  • Second Time Around

    By Catlanta
    I was the proverbial hippie, growing up with Cat. Now in my 60's, I'm enjoying this revival of one of my favorite all-time artists. Nostalgia plays a part - I'm sure - in my affinity for his work. At the same time, my 20 something daughter and son are discovering his work, so it truly transcends the decades. I'm thrilled that Cat is back on the scene and it feels like he never left.
  • Who knew?

    By Jejuneone
    I love how everyone is drinking tea in the club! The melody is fine with good acoustic guitar and a voice familiar. The shades and now white beard hide the artist's guise, so just close your eyes a bit... Let's all grow old with such grace.
  • I love him no matter what he calls himself.

    By phosphorescene
    Cat or Yusuf, I love him, his music, and his gorgeous voice no matter what. He has amazing talent, and anyone could recognize his amazing guitar and voice like no other. <3 I always listen to his old music, and I was very excited to find out about some of this new stuff. I highly recommend this music video, and any song by Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam. I like his beard, too. <3AIAMTH.-AHR.
  • Cat's Back!

    By ListenUp (~)\(~)
    Yusuf was Cat & Cat is Yusuf - Spiritual Searche becomes Muslim & no longer searches.... We're Glad You Found Your Path Back! Keep Strumming & Hummin' / Beautiful - Just Beautiful.... Where Did the Children Go? Welcome Home! We've been Thinking 'Bout You... Dream On (Until...) Roadsinger / Everytime I Dream.... & Shamsia, I close my eyes & the 70's sounds of meaningfulness merge with today's wisdom & beyond.... Suddenly the sounds of yesteryear & lost times merge as one with the universe... if you catch my drift.... Thanks for "Being a Star" again Yusuf. All Grown up.. That's Where The Children Went. Nothin' Like a Touch of Grey - Hey....?
  • [email protected]!

    By Sophiensomniac
    This actually brought tears to my eyes the 1st time I heard the 1st track of the album-I fell in love with the music of Cat Stevens when I was around 18 (25 years ago) only to find out that I was already "too late" as he'd converted to Islam a few years earlier & had supposedly quit making I've played some of his "old" music til I wore out records,tapes &then CDs. But this sounds like the "old" Cat-awesome!!! The music is still fresh, quirky &totally, uniquely him, no matter what name he's choosing 2use, Cat is BACK-the video shows "both" his so-called older persona ( sitting in the audience) as well as his current styling (onstage wearing dark glasses) but once he starts strumming & singing, any Stevens fan will instantly recognize what their ears are hearing ling before their eyes make the connection -if anything, he sounds even better than he did 2 decades ago! Buy this now & check out the whole Riadsinger CD or download&see if it doesn't make one heck of a pleasant surprise for you, too.
  • Great!!!

    By rcknrog
    Loved it!!!
  • where r the values of yusuf islam

    By yalomar
    i thought that you will use these music videos to promote your ideas and values as yusuf islam not cat stevens , however what i see in this video is just a typical music video where by you are singing to lovers and alcohol addicts at a joint ???!!!
  • Awesome !!

    By Noona90
    Awesome song with a great video !! I love Cat Stevens <3
  • This is awesome

    By Denethor51
    I really love it this new album really gets back to the good stuff that he did. i hope he keeps making more like this album.

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