Thinking 'Bout You

Yusuf & Cat Stevens

  • Genre: Singer/Songwriter
  • Release Date: 2009-04-27
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:39

Music Video


  • Who knew?

    By Jejuneone
    I love how everyone is drinking tea in the club! The melody is fine with good acoustic guitar and a voice familiar. The shades and now white beard hide the artist's guise, so just close your eyes a bit... Let's all grow old with such grace.
  • I love him no matter what he calls himself.

    By phosphorescene
    Cat or Yusuf, I love him, his music, and his gorgeous voice no matter what. He has amazing talent, and anyone could recognize his amazing guitar and voice like no other. <3 I always listen to his old music, and I was very excited to find out about some of this new stuff. I highly recommend this music video, and any song by Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam. I like his beard, too. <3AIAMTH.-AHR.
  • Cat's Back!

    By ListenUp (~)\(~)
    Yusuf was Cat & Cat is Yusuf - Spiritual Searche becomes Muslim & no longer searches.... We're Glad You Found Your Path Back! Keep Strumming & Hummin' / Beautiful - Just Beautiful.... Where Did the Children Go? Welcome Home! We've been Thinking 'Bout You... Dream On (Until...) Roadsinger / Everytime I Dream.... & Shamsia, I close my eyes & the 70's sounds of meaningfulness merge with today's wisdom & beyond.... Suddenly the sounds of yesteryear & lost times merge as one with the universe... if you catch my drift.... Thanks for "Being a Star" again Yusuf. All Grown up.. That's Where The Children Went. Nothin' Like a Touch of Grey - Hey....?
  • [email protected]!

    By Sophiensomniac
    This actually brought tears to my eyes the 1st time I heard the 1st track of the album-I fell in love with the music of Cat Stevens when I was around 18 (25 years ago) only to find out that I was already "too late" as he'd converted to Islam a few years earlier & had supposedly quit making I've played some of his "old" music til I wore out records,tapes &then CDs. But this sounds like the "old" Cat-awesome!!! The music is still fresh, quirky &totally, uniquely him, no matter what name he's choosing 2use, Cat is BACK-the video shows "both" his so-called older persona ( sitting in the audience) as well as his current styling (onstage wearing dark glasses) but once he starts strumming & singing, any Stevens fan will instantly recognize what their ears are hearing ling before their eyes make the connection -if anything, he sounds even better than he did 2 decades ago! Buy this now & check out the whole Riadsinger CD or download&see if it doesn't make one heck of a pleasant surprise for you, too.
  • Great!!!

    By rcknrog
    Loved it!!!
  • where r the values of yusuf islam

    By yalomar
    i thought that you will use these music videos to promote your ideas and values as yusuf islam not cat stevens , however what i see in this video is just a typical music video where by you are singing to lovers and alcohol addicts at a joint ???!!!
  • Awesome !!

    By Noona90
    Awesome song with a great video !! I love Cat Stevens <3
  • This is awesome

    By Denethor51
    I really love it this new album really gets back to the good stuff that he did. i hope he keeps making more like this album.

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