She Wolf


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2009-07-30
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:56

Music Video


  • Shakira - She Wolf

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  • Wow :)

    By Music rocks!!!!!!!!
    Awesome :D
  • The voice

    By puglover1010300
    Great song. She should sing this on the voice and I bet that Adam would LOVE IT
  • Shakira is adorable, nice, & talented!

    By Siamoise
    I'm a senior citizen. Really. I like all kinds of music, from fun. to Green Day to opera to country--very eclectic. I tend to be skeptical of new artists til I see their "chops". When did I first see Shakira on SNL? 10 years ago. Liked her a lot from Day 1 and always have. I'm a straight feminist woman who tends to be very supportive of women. Shakira's dance moves have always amazed me. What can I say? Love her!
  • Two stars because

    By Deadmau55576420
    I still like Shakira. Waka Waka was an amazing song and had meaning. Now she makes total garbage music and these videos as eye candy for the perverts. I want the old her back. She used to be really good. If you want to hear what she was originally like, listen to Estoy Aqui.
  • total autotune

    By Sp4jc1
    i laughed so hard i almost cried!!! anyways that was the weirdest dance(?) ive ever saw lol
  • Has no point at all!!

    By Dreamy sweet
    The title says it all...
  • Get Song Get Video And To All Haters:

    By Diamondgurl559
    Ok. Everybody here that doesn't like Shakira or thinks negative about something about her shouldn't compare her to other celebrities such as Beyonce, Britney Spears, or Lady Gaga. Shakira is soooooo different and better than any of them will ever be. She is a natural born talent and a genius at everything in her musical career. This song and video are great together or apart. She is a terrific dancer and a great singer with a voice like no other. If you don't really know who Shakira really is, do a mini research on her and her music, her traditions, her style of clothing, make up, style of dancing, how she jokes, how much her fans mean to her, her reputation, and what type of person she is. Even though you might think this video is trashy and she should put some clothes on, it doesn't even compare to how naked, trashy, and slutty other celebrities who don't get called out on it look.
  • Shakira

    By Ccmama4
    Frickin awsome shakira.
  • Shakira fan 45

    By Lovergirl35
    I love this song! Shakira keep up the good work! My other fav song of hers is Hips don't lie!

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