It's Gonna Be Me


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2000-05-23
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:24

Music Video


  • Nsync Rocks

    By KbCheetah
    This video is great. Nsync sings it great and the girl in this video is pretty.
  • Great

    By double digit
    This video is great. It is so funny. They did this video very well. It is a good buy.
  • Can't Forget About Them

    By ramirezkel22
    I'm 16, and I still listen and love all of their music.
  • Great Band, Even Better Song/Music Video

    By bacon=mylife
    Nuff said.
  • Wish I was alive for more of the 90s...

    By Kaeline7739
    The baggy jeans, the perfectly styled hair, the boy band bonanza, it's just fantastic.
  • Eep!!!

    By R.Martin 55
    My favorite nsync video! :) man I miss them :/
  • Wow!!!!!!!

    By Fo'shizzle & grapefruit
    Awesome, the only word to describe it. Justin, why did u cut off your hair? *sigh* at least we have videos to remember it (ha ha!)
  • Way better then MJ

    By Jake rees kulbeth
    Nsync is wow good if u see this nsync get back together I love your CDs PS. By JRK
  • Never Gone

    By girly411
    NSYNC is so timeless. I watched this video recently for the first time in a long while, and I'm still amazed by them. I cannot wait for a reunion! *
  • awwwwww

    By hawksvswings360
    i love boy band dancing! it's so cute! i wish more of today's musical sweethearts would dance, but they're too busy pulling down their pants and rapping! this is what we need! stop polluting the world of music and get some of these guys back!