• Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2009-08-04
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:41

Music Video


  • Madonna is hot!

    By Nathanael Silva
    Madonna is hot, she is sexy. The music video is fantastic. Another great work from the most sucessful singer of all time. Congratulations queen of pop!
  • 10000000x <3

    By Matoor
    The queen rules <3
  • Never gets old

    By Alessandro Gioacchini
    How old is she???
  • love it

    By midnight blue
    makes me want to party.Madonna just has goog upbeat music for being her age she is still rockin it.Keep up the work and u never get old.
  • Celebrating Madonna

    By SeeRayConfess
    Absolute awesome Madonna video. She never seizes to amaze me. You go Madge. I will always be your loyal fan.
  • WHY?

    By Secret_Name
    I don't know why she chose to use the remix, or why she filmed this video. The original song was awesome, and could have had a much better video. This is not her best, she could and should have done better. It makes me upset since I love the song, and have to have this video. This is only okay, but barely okay.
  • Awesome

    By thatkobrakid
    Wow, Great song i Even Saw This Guy Dressed In Black With An Open Coat With a Blck hat And Dreads Who Kinda Looks Like Tom Kaulitz!! (I Love Tom ^^) So yeah Pretty Cool! <3
  • Take that GaGa, Ke$ha & Brittney!

    By Lairek11
    Madonna once again proves why she is, has been and always will be the QUEEN of POP! She ROCKS at 50!! Wow. Amazing.
  • Good, but not liking her switch to dance...

    By the_smack_down
    The vid really does suit the song. My only problem is that she's becoming very one dimensional with this dance stuff she's doing. Honestly, I don't think it's the right direction for her... but who knows? Maybe she'll surprise us all. That would be nice xD
  • I'm sorry, but....

    By ..Untitled..
    Madonna is pretty good but i mean this video is just weird and creepy....thats great that she's 51 and still doing this, but i mean she can't crump what so ever, and she show's like no skills at all in this video sorry, but this video kinda creeped me out and was really annoying....she's usually better....honestly, i liked her better when she first started because she was herself, she stood out, this video is just like a lot of other video's, but i'm a kid not an adult so maybe its different but i like motown...and Michael Jackson is my idol (same with Janet)

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