Material Girl


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2009-09-29
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:43

Music Video


  • Material Girl Always Charms

    By Dolllover22
    This is the second Madonna song I ever heard, right after Borderline (and I wasn't even alive when either of them came out, Borderline was on a throwback station.) Instantly attracted. I looked for this video on YouTube, but couldn't find it. So, I went ahead and bought it, not knowing if it was good or bad. Best risk I ever took. The Marilyn-esque dance sequence is phenomenal, and the storyline is still relevant today. Love it!!!!!
  • Elegant theme

    By Sorceress Mickey
    This song has a very elegant theme, because of the pink items that appear in the music video. Madonna's dress is in a peppermint pink color like my mom's Fuschia Fever nail polish and one of my tank tops from Old Navy. The high heels that you see in the still frame of the music video in this column are the same colors as my Disney Princess Minnie Mouse ear hat and my CoverGirl Princess lipstick.
  • Madonna rocks!!!!

    By NutMeg
    Madonna is soooooooo much better than lady gaga no doubt and this is coming from an 11 year old
  • Haha gaga go by by

    By Csusm-cougar
    Com on gaga fans admit it this is not gaga(not that I'm a hater)and u reviewers don't just giv it 5 stars because she's youger give it 5 stars because u lik the song. Lik 4 minitus.yeah I remembered that! And really 1 reviewer said I liked the video until I saw fur well there's 2 reasons why theres fur 1.cause shes a materal girl ( she really isn't ) 2 didn't u no it's. ......,. FAKE TOTALLY FAKE!!!!!! good day to u no not u .Madonna ovcorse!!!
  • It

    By Material Girl Fan
    I fell in love with this video when I was really young. I can't believe iTunes finally got this. For 1.99 you can't beat this. Thank you iTunes for getting such a classic in your store.
  • Pakito

    By Pakito's
    Finally I was waiting for longtime to see this video on iTunes, and my next is who's tha girl that will be great to added At my collection
  • I like it

    By FVC89
    Buy it
  • ...

    By FernandaDee
    Well I like the song but as soon as I saw the fur I didn't like the video anymore. The way they get the fur from the animals is just too cruel to tell, and any artist that like fur or don't mind wearing it just doesn't have a heart.
  • waitin for a long time 4 dis!!

    By materialgrrl
    OMG!! i've been waiting for this music video for like everz!!! and they finally have on itunes!! hallejuah!! :)
  • It was about time!!

    By FratMaster
    Waited a long time for this video, I was checking every week for it. Well done Itunes, this is a classic.

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