Justify My Love


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2009-09-29
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:59

Music Video


  • Music video

    By Franklinfan075
    Artist: Madonna Music video: Justify My Love Directed by: John-Baptiste Mondino Year: 1990 Running time: 5 minutes Information: Depiction of sexual fetishes, except for a bare-chested woman (suspenders). This video was refused by MTV.
  • Justify My Love

    By AmyEmery
    Madonna is an integral force in expeditiously forcing exposure to the many forms of sexuality and sexual exploration and making it okay to be gay or bi or curious all at once depending on the day or just having a simple sexual label. She made it okay for the young generation in a very frigid nation during that time. I was seventeen when that video emerged, and it really resonated with the young and opened doors to acceptance. Gotta remember we had young and incredibly talented men dying in masses of AIDS, as this country was looking the other way. It was a video like this that chiseled away at stereotypical labels of sexuality and catapulted sexual freedom and acceptance for many. Madonna got that. She really was a pivotal force in creating a change.
  • The world revolution

    By Claudia shifted
    She's touched every angle of the spectrum and is a one woman world revolution. human rights, sexual freedom, articulate, you have paved brightened and continue expanding our limits you are truly a brave hero for all limitless and Timeless. Advocate for World peace. I love you. We love you.
  • Sexy

    By Jayydna
    Sexiest video ever made, Madonna is the sexiest woman in the music industry.
  • classic!!!

    By bx2mt...
    forgot about this video just seen it on fuse top sexy as #1!!!! yessss classsic!!!! love love love!!!!!
  • :)

    By Smoked Gouda
  • Uncensored?

    By pineapplestarfish
    This is the version that comes with the Celebration Deluxe Video Edition (released Sept 29, 2009). All of the hype for this video collection has touted an "unedited version of Justify My Love with never-before-seen footage." However, while this is the full version of the song, there is censoring in the video near the end where black bars cover one of the dancers' bare breasts. This video is exactly the same as the one that was released on iTunes previously (I personally purchased it in April of 2008) except the previously released video does not have the censoring. In short, if you want the uncensored version, buy the one from 2006.
  • Censorship...

    By Seanaroo
    Excellent video by Madonna with Tony Ward filmed in a French hotel. Too bad iTunes must use censorship to sell this video. If you don't mind black bars across the women it's still a great video! Buyer beware if you are looking for the original banned from Mtv.

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