I Still Like Bologna

Alan Jackson

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2009-09-03
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:41

Music Video


  • Response to guy who said ":)?"

    By DaftPunkAwesome
    The title is really just the line where Jackson says he prefers the simplicity of a bologna sandwich over technology. Also, really good song/video.
  • :)?

    By sophrincess
    Haha this is cute but umhhh the song title??? I still like bologna????
  • I Still Like Bologna

    By nana_1954
    The song is so Alan Jackson it's wonderful. His sense of humor is perfecly showcased in this song. Every time I see that mustache start to lift I know something's coming. I've listened to this man since my kids were starting middle school (I'm closer to the big six than not.) so that's enough to count as a long time fan. Great job Alan.
  • Buy it

    By Redneck'09
    This a great song by one of the best singer ever alive. and the kids in the video are cute.
  • Good Song. It has an easy to understand message

    By the phenomonal one
    For his last single from Good Time, Alan picked this song. I think this is a perfect country song. It is upbeat without being pop. it has a good message. and it comes from one of Country's most respected stars. My Only Problem is that this song is like 4 minutes 30 seconds long when it should be like 3 minutes long

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