Not Alone


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2010-03-02
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:17

Music Video


  • Attention iTunes or Linkin Park

    By whdelara
    Please let this track be downloadable so I can have it added to my library. I don't know why it isn't available at the moment :(

    By bboythekid
    Don't get me wrong! This song is absolutely amazing! But why is it not on itunes anymore?
  • Awesome

    By Big Joe Rubino
    A beatiful song
  • close but doesn't cut it

    By mmm... N
    i was really disappointed in this album... i think they side tracked from the music from the past...
  • Beautiful.

    By Talya.Raphaella
    This song is so beautiful! Thank you Linkin Park for spotlighting the issue in Haiti and giving folks an opportunity to help.
  • It's soft lp

    By Zinnaga
    'nuff said
  • 2 thumbs up! (:

    By Babakalhor
    I really appriciate you for your symphaty with Haiti , Lp , you are the best group in world for your always fantastic musics & also for all that you did for help people around the world , viva chester , mike & linkin park!
  • sad but great

    By diaz__13
    i belive this is one of there best it reminds you of what you have and that were lucky to be alive every second and belive it or not theree is propoly thousands of kids in haiti that dont have any parents
  • Do you guys even get the point of this song?

    By Sillychey
    It is for the people in hati and how much there are suffering I think it's amazing how they made this song it's perfect:)) Way to go likin park <33
  • Ok song, stupid reviews

    By ..………
    Ok this is a decent song, and the other guy is right, bands branch out and try different types of music all the time, in this case they just went back to their older style. Yea they couldve done alot better, but this is about the Haiti crisis so it was last minute, unlike the albums that you work on for at least a year. If youve got a problem with bands supporting Haiti, why dont you go live there for a week or two, then tell me how you feel about bands being supportive of a country in need.

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