Sweet Dreams


  • Genre: Children's Music
  • Release Date: 2010-03-30
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:21

Music Video


  • Wut

    By CATCat11123
    Wut even. It's good that they stoped making terrible music vids and started making awesome ones
  • I want a unicorn purse!

    By Ninjaboy5
  • i died

    By allydagator
    im dead i have no meaning after watching this video im going to attend my own funeral now
  • poop

    By @JonUst315 (follow on snapchat
  • MY EYES R BLEEDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By TripkeHughes
    I hope that these kids get a life 1 day Im hoping 4 the best
  • A Real Eyesore

    By Just A Waitress
    Honestly, I'm just giving this two stars to be nice. I love the concept of Kidz Bop--popular songs modified so kids can listen to safe songs they love. But this video sort of ruins the kid-friendly concept. I mean, WHAT ARE THEY WEARING?! And what's up with the hair? Have we been transported to the eighties or nineties? And what twelve-thirteen year-old wears a unicorn purse? Yikes. Looks like a tea party gone wrong. Not trying to step on any toes here, but by the looks of it, there are't really any toes to step on... Later CyberGators!
  • ?

    By Jwjdhg
    Wannabes much?
  • OMG

    Let me tell you something.Kidz bop has changed over the years.the old stuff isn't as bad as the crap they put out nowadays.Compare these two videos: Watch the Since U Been Gone video by kidz bop. You will notice it was released in 2003. Now watch this video. You will notice it was released in 2010. Now answer this question. Which video was more kid-friendly? As you can tell kidz bop was very different ten years ago. The next thing you know they'll be singing about murder.Yep, kidz bop has changed over the years. Write a review telling me which one was more kid friendly and why. (P.S. I'm a kid and I hate kidz bop)
  • Tsk tsk tsk

    By Tinkerbell4224🐶
    Sorry. I had to stop halfway through the vid. I was bored of watching cupcakes dance to songs that an adult I HOPE. Made them sing. Stop hurting these children's social life. Do they get teased at school? I'm sorry to add more crap comments to this but I'm not trying to insult the children I'm mad at whoever made them sing this!
  • Hater

    By Motown Beauty
    How dare they let them sing queen b u have no respect

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