Auld Lang Syne

Mariah Carey

  • Genre: Holiday
  • Release Date: 2010-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:04

Music Video


  • it so cute!!!!!!!

    By RabbitG
    Oh C'mon you guys, it's almost her due,, and probobly she made this video partly because she wanted to celebrate this coming year, welcoming a new member of her family and this video would make a very very good souvenir for her and her child for the rest of time... Plus she's preggy, let us all excuse the Diva, she's still human and preggy people are the weirdest and so childish most of the time... I say it's so so so so cute, she looks absolutely having fun while makin' this video... Go go go... Mariah...Go... weeeehhh....
  • Missed again Mariah

    By code-music
    Don't get me wrong I love Mariah, she's great! But I can't get over these new music videos she's been producing. With every one that is released, they get more and more BORING. Yes, she's absolutely beautiful!...but there are only so many videos I can stand of her just dancing around the entire time. They could have done so much more with this video especially...sorry Mariah.
  • simple yet fun

    By TapDogz
    fun festive mariah vid. i think this shows mc's personality, having a blast, living it up and a whole lotta laughs. care free, light and EXPLOSIVE. great song. love that she covered this song on Merry Christmas II You. go mc
  • Warning: if this is your first time to hear her sing 'Auld Lang Syne', dodge this video

    By someone-out-there
    I love mariah but this ain't cool. This just plain wrong. The video does NOT LIVE UP to what I least expected when i heard it the first time from her latest 'Merry Christmas II You' album. It's probably because of her pregnancy, not being allowed to do anything too excessive. That we can understand. But I'd rather have her film this next year when she's in better shape, since this song will go all year round anyway. This is gonna make people hate her version of Auld Lang Syne :( Hearing it alone the first time was way better than seeing this video the first time. On the other hand, her smile is captivating. You barely get any Mariah music videos where she's all clean and smiling. I want to get my license as a music video director to help reincarnate this video.
  • the Song is great video is not

    By valley green
    I think this was just thrown together.....the song has so much potential they others have should be played at every NEW YEARS EVE PARTY>>>>>>
  • Sorry Mariah

    By Ekramer29
    I love everything Mariah does and the song itself is one of my favorites on MCIIY. I don't like this video though. It had soooo much potential and someone blew it ! When you hear the song, you picture Times Square on NYE kissing the one you love and toasting friends with champaigne... I know MC can't drink the bubbly this year, but they could have shown a celebration. I give it 2 stars just because it's Mariah... but I agree with the other guy who said 'fire the person who thought of this'
  • Wow

    By AnDy0216
    I love love love Mariah...but this music video, seriously? Whoever idea this was is pretty much fired. Her cover had so much potential. She could've done it in a club or something....Mariah, I am EXTREMLY dissappointed in you for releasing this :(

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