Girl Gone Wild


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2012-03-26
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:50

Music Video


  • Queen Of Erotica

    By Rebel monster 2000
    I Love This Video She always knows how express herself in the best way 👸🏼
  • Girl gone wild

    By Milad90s
  • Amazing

    By Gi-B
    One of my favorite videos! I love it!
  • I have watched this video 1 million times!!

    By hvhjr1
    Absolutely my favorite Madonna song! Been obsessed since the late 80”s!! LOVE and ADORE her! Madonna is QUEEN! All bow down!
  • Awesome video

    By kevinsm2769
    The funny thing is all the one star reviews that use the word reductive are obviously Lady Gaga fans rating this just to bring Madonna's ratings down. I just don't get the whole M vs. Gaga, there is only one true Queen and that's Madonna. This song would of been a huge hit if radio stations were not suffering from ageism when it comes to female singers. Madonna doesn't need radio as she still had the highest grossing tour EVER by a female in 2012. This video reminds me of the old Madonna from the Erotica /Justify My Love phase. Great video to a great song.
  • Mind Blowing

    By Mr.shygga
    the best of the best!! nothing else to say...
  • Just Sick!!!!

    By Franco Systems
    Soooo sad Madonna!
  • Legend. Icon. GENIUS.

    By Luxord33
    How she manages to keep topping herself is beyond me. Greatest music video OF ALL TIME!
  • Lol!

    By mena44321
    Josh1319 - that's EXACTLY what I said a few days ago "granny gone wild". But I gotta admit the song and the vid is awesome.
  • The Queen

    By Kurudoma
    After 30 years at age 54. She is still amazing and ahead of her time. That's why the ordinary people don't get her. Madonna’s MDNA 2012 is top-grossing tour at all time. Some of these review are making laugh. How ignorant and judgmental can you people be? Lady gaga is a very talented performer and I Love her work but she is nothing like Madonna. Everything Gaga has done, Madonna has done it! So, stop compare lady gaga to Madonna. It's just Irrelevant!!

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