• Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 2012-08-22
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 5:32

Music Video


  • Go Grimes!!!!!!

    By Still awesome!
    This is my FAVORITE song and music video of all time and by her!!! Grimes is awesome with that spike ball and flaming sword! While Brooke Candy is just plain old awesome in the video!! GO GRIMES!!!!😄😄♥️♥️
  • ?????

    By NotSure69
    Guys, there is NO MUSIC in the preview. Ho do you know what is sounds like
  • Resolution

    By KM Fitzpatrick
    Awesome but download resolution needs to be better quality. Itunes needs to upgrade this for free to video buyers. Watch it on YT for clear video.
  • Something Familiar

    By Gabriel Arthur Petrie
    The song, by itself, tickles a little part of the lizard brain, and reminds you that as a mammal -- nay, a primate -- you have a duty to perform in looking up, seeing stars, soaking in the sun, basking in the moon, being a part of those around you, understanding numerous circumstances and knowing the truth about intrinsic things that are undeniable. The vocals and the lyrics, smoothly and with a tone that calls chiming like a triangle for Innocence to come out of the inner child and eat at the table with simply ever honest Lust, move and fulfill the center of the being with a sense of gratitude at living and hosting breath in the bosom. The video goes above and beyond mere recognition, questioning the purposefully masked and alibied motivations of our every day role playing beings, our vestments fitted for the sake of kowtowing and laboring under mistreatments. There is a repeating insinuation that just over the horizon is a sense of something gratifying and intended, a vision of a place that we're meant to be that is actually right here where we are if we could quit the roles and actually exist in it, expanding the horizon out at the rate of self-awareness. The expressive dance, the artistic props and sets, the scenery and the facial expressions of the Grimes troupe let us in on a small group of people who have tasted the tantalizing nature of honesty's sweet honey and want nothing more than to slip us the honeyed tongue and let us, too, taste what there is t have in beautiful life if but truth could have its lowly and simple way. The sense that you are seeing youths gives way immediately to the desire that nothing will corrupt their simple message or distract them from their advanced and agonizingly adult views on the vast empty space of need and regret, and the amazingly, life-changingly beautiful comet of realized justification.
  • Love this video!

    By Oceangel
    For what appears to be a lower budget video, it is really cool
  • Fun

    By jmdewey60
    Grimes having more fun than would normally be allowed, and she deserves it.
  • Abrasive, yet ethereal

    By Hellforgedhand
    Beautifully executed video +++Brooke Candy! Awesome.
  • beautiful

    By Brandon Lebron
    the video is brilliant and the song is just amazing. Grimes is definitely worth it.
  • no no no

    By Sanarizona
    i really don't get this music video and the song i really don't recommend it……………...