Drink a Beer

Luke Bryan

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2013-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:25

Music Video


  • Just lost our child

    By Lake Blackshear Mama
    We lost our 15yr old son a few weeks ago, and we chose this as one of the songs to play during his memorial. Living here on the water, near where Luke is from, it was one of his favorites songs. I sit on the dock and watch the sun go down and listen to it now. I was the one who had to make those first phone calls, so this hits home with me in the best and worst of ways. Thanks Luke. Glad you are one of our home boys. I needed that song.
  • song hits the heart

    By Sandysam70
    I like this song. I lost my Son at age 20 with Kidney Problems. just listening to this song makes me think how much it hurts to lose a son.
  • Loss of a loved one!

    By Law firm princess
    I lost my boss Jeff at the age of 45 with heart problems. One day he was here.....and two weeks later he was taken from all of us. This song is amazing and remind me of an amazing man who I think, love and miss everyday. Jules
  • this hits home

    By Seirra14
    This song came out 2 days before I lost my brother and I was the first call and the first one in the family to know that he had been killed. It makes me tear and think about spending the days of BBQing and drinking a beer.
  • Drink a beer

    By Gmcman85
    This song came out right after my sister passed away Luke was her favorite singer I think of her every time I hear this song thanks Luke !
  • Luke Bryan and his Songs

    By Jenae11
    Luke Bryan is a true artist. He just makes me cry sometimes because of his songs. Drink a Beer just really captures how emotional songs can be and just watching almost all of his videos shows the kind of person he is and how muchof a range he has with the different kinds of songs. Some make you want to just get up and dance while others make you cry. P.S. Ihave a major crush on Luke Bryan... totally hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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