Adore You

Miley Cyrus

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2013-12-26
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:37

Music Video


  • Miley

    By mariehope
    I Love Miley's talent, Her voice, She Beautiful! i just hope She goes back to how She started making video's. She has a Beautiful voice and i like where She came from. Hope She makes more Video's. I loved Her on SNL. She can Act also. from a Senior Citizen but i still Love Pop, Rap, Rock and Roll, good Lyrics and Music!
  • MichaleSun

    By MichaleSun
    The sheets and bed curtains is the light blue ocean water and you come out like a mermaid to see me for little while. As you leave and I see your fins leave I know I wont see you for a long time. I will see you again Miley Cyrus.
  • Innapropriate

    By Funj7
    I hate this video. I mean common....SHES NAKED
  • Like this video

    By Jsa1192
    Not my fave video from Bangerz but I still love it! :) Wish she made at least 1 or 2 more! Sooo many good tracks on that album! >.<
  • I don't get it?

    By Nate Disorder
    It looks like Miley is a guy with his nipples censored... She doesn't have boobs really... and that hair doesn't help her at all.
  • Beautiful & talented

    By SelenaGomez2018
    Stop hating you all, Miley is very talented and deserves that respect, such emotion, and such an entertaner, can't wait for the next video to bust out. I look everyday on iTunes for something new.
  • ok song, bad singer

    By the-music-pro
    lryics are lousy and not great vocals. Miley went from a good kid to an adult with drug addictions and a disguting appearence. i dont know what kind of ppl would listen to this music when the person singing clearly has some serious problems.
  • Moving

    By Hsp1963
    Although she has an incredibly amazing body - close your eyes. The lyrics and her vocals are always so emotionally touching to me. I hope she one day knows just how much folks just like me are so moved my her and, more importantly, it gives her strength to endure all the BS she must live with everyday - just for being true to whatever she wants to be/become. To all of you negative repliers - go [email protected]&$?! Yourselves!
  • Really Miley? Really...

    By AndersonAusten
    Dear Miley, I liked you better with your clothes on, your head high and your talent, merit and popularity based on how amazing you are as a vocalist. Can’t Be Tamed was awesome, this is to far. If you want to be a pornstar, I’m sure Google can hook you up, but if not, put some clothes on, and quit acting like such a hoe… Love Your Fans, specifically me.
  • Like the video

    By markdc10
    Great song and video. I like that this video is focused directly on Miley Cyrus. I just wish the nudity was not filtered out. I mean what is the point. This is 2014 are we as a human race still that afraid of the human body that we have to edit out our selves.

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