I Miss You


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2004-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:53

Music Video


  • great vid

    By Csick22
    this bands popularity is finally comin back and this is def one of their best songs. great vid
  • Best Creepiest Video :P

    By BlinkForver
    This song is just BEAST and amazing and one of the best love songs EVER!!!!!! Blink will ALWAYS be part of my life no matter what happens <3. They goodness they're back, but they shouldn't never breakin up
  • GREAT SONG!!!!!

    By Lindsay~~~•¥££
    I love this song, and the video goes perfectly with it! Its to bad the band broke up:(
  • love ittt

    By Sk8ergrl13
    ive been listening to blink 182 since i was born and there isnt any other band that can make you feel like screaming your head off every time you hear one of their songs. i miss you's music video is totally awesome its one of my favorite music videos. who cares if they look goth or emo their still blink 182 and their music is still going to be awesome.
  • blink rocks

    By screeching monk
    This band is amazing and this song is their best. To bad they brokup.
  • tom_is_sexy

    By clintsport
    tom is so sexy in this vid! plz check out the vid behind the scenes of i miss u on youtube! tom almost wears a hat! OMG! tom is sooooooooooooo f-ing rad i want to cut off his skin and wear it to my birthday party! jk, that wuz from a movie! but he is the raddest person ever, im naming my kid after him... when i have one... if its a boy. "Thomas Mathew... whatever my last name will be" p.s. he wuz born december 13, 1975!
  • the message behind the song

    By shankdrummer06
    this song is not about mark's ex or anything else. it's soley about the Nightmare Before Christmas. Mark said that he thought it'd be awesome to write about it so he did.
  • Awesome

    By xx I don't Care xx
    I love blink 182....... the 2nd best band in the history of the world....... after Fall Out Boy.
  • like the song,but geez the guitarists voice is annoying.(no offence)

    By ~Love Metal~
    I love the words,the beat,the sound,and the bassists voice,but I just can't stand the guitarists voice...thats kinda why I don't listen to Blink 182. hmmm,oh well. lol
  • awesome song!!!

    By ftirado
    this is the best song from b182 i luv this song

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