Only Time


  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 2003-04-28
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 0:00

Music Video



    By kenny.ermann
    This song is far from my normal taste in music, but it is so powerful. The video is inspiring as well. Simply, a great buy.
  • Amazing

    By jjj555666
    This is the most peaceful, amazing song I have ever heard in my 12 year old life. I am totally inspired by this song, and I hope all of Enya's viewers and listeners are as awed as I am. You see, all of my friends listen to rap, and they don't know what other music is out there, and they, quite frankly, don't care. I, however, am intrested in other cultures and their form of entertainment. I hope everyone is inspired by this wonderful song.
  • haha

    By enyaac
    I've always found it funny that I was named after this singer but thank god shes talented! Beautiful song:)
  • :((((

    By loserface0816
    Ughh, there is a video on you tube that is supposed to be a 9/11 tribut and on it they play this song!! So every time I hear this song I weap and think about it!! Great song and video!! Enya is the kind of music that I listen to help me connect to the 99% realm.
  • Beautiful

    By BowChicaWowWow ~
    Enya has a gorgeous voice, beautiful song. The video is so surreal and beautiful... Did i mention the song is beautiful? ;P
  • buy the album!!!!!

    By coolbreezzzz
    need i say more?
  • Made for the iPod Touch

    By KentuckyRanger
    I just got the Touch and found that the resolution is so clear that you can get lost in videos. I hesitated getting the Touch but now that I have it I can't put it down! Enya has always been one of my favorite artists and her videos are priceless but hard to come by on TV. Thanks iTunes for including Enya, just get more of her videos! :O)
  • Great video

    By null null null null
    Enya's music is beautiful with similarities to Yanni, Adam Bray or Michelle Tumes. This is one of her most popular songs of all time, and probably most polished video. "Only Time" became the unofficial "requiem" for the 9/11 tragedy.
  • Outstanding

    By FAHN
    Enya's Music is simply remarkable. With her melodic voice theres no one much like her at all.
  • Lovely

    By KrysOctober
    I too have every Enya CD including imports and I love every one of them. Her music is truly timeless and beautiful. If you haven't already, do an iTunes search for her sister M'aire (Moya) Brennan. She too has hauntingly beautiful music. Get them all and shuffle them on continuous play. You won't be disappointed!