May It Be


  • Genre: New Age
  • Release Date: 2003-04-28
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 0:00

Music Video


  • good~

    By lyxia
    love enya~ the vedio is good!
  • Amazed Once Again by Enya's Vocalism

    By WarnerBrosRecords
    Never in our producing career, has Warner Brothers Music© encounrtered such a being with a voice as beautiful as Enya's. Oftentimes, she must mistaken as an angel, for the seducing and awing voice she beholds. There will always be a place in our heart for Enya.
  • Serene

    By ~balletbeauty~
    I have loved this video from the first time I saw it. It is beautiful and serene. It reminds me of the movie and I just love it. Enya is lovely in this. I couldn't recommend a better video. I love it!!
  • Splendor

    By priceless chick
    Enya carrys me away to a place never thought i could go. i am always waitng to see if i can see her in concert one day that would be so totally awsome tooddles.
  • May it Be

    By Moon*Shadow
    Any fan of Lord of the Rings movies will enjoy this one. Great mix of artist and important scenes from 1st movie! Never distracting but compliments the song and movie! Enya is a dream to listen to and watch. Love this video, worth the money.
  • Nice try, but primitive

    By gwied
    Disclaimer: I only viewed the preview. I think the video transitions lack the flow and magic of the voice track. There are nice fades to and from Enya, but many of the LOTR clips appear to be simply butted up to each other, so the feeling is jumpy, contradicting the feeling of the music. Granted, there may not be cross-fades in the original footage for these clips, but for this re-purposing, some kind of smooth video transitions would be a great improvement.
  • Ethereal

    By lawright
    Enya's music takes me to a different place in time, in space, a happy space... A true artist blessed with the gift of music. Who doesn't love the "Lord of the Rings" "May it Be." Every time I watch the video I am taken back to that special time when so many of us were caught up on the LOTR trilogy. Peace and Love to all...
  • Enya's voice is incredible.

    By SCshortcake
    The video from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy is beautiful. This song was perfect for Tolkein.
  • Beautiful!

    By snow-kaguya
    A truly moving song. I was in tears. Great video, i looove lord of the rings! please please please buy this! ^_^
  • very nice

    By DeEP_FrIED_sUcKAH
    very nice